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Abenteuer in großen Höhen


Abenteuer in großen Höhen

Last year we published our first E.O.F.T. book with Piper Malik publishing company.

E.O.F.T. Adventurers of the 21st century

Combines eighteen stories of our E.O.F.T. heroes. A worldwide journey profiling the most fascinating athletes of the day, from spectacular free riders, to climbers, mountain bikers and fearless base jumpers. A worldwide tour that includes Antarctic expeditions, 300 day adventures on a South Sea atoll, Pakistani alpine adventures, kayaking the highest waterfalls, tearing up downhill trails and the search for the perfect powder.

E.O.F.T. hero titles also published this year by Piper Malik are "The Longest Way" by Christoph Rehage and the "Baffin Babes" by Emma Simonsson, Vera Simonsson, Ingebjørg Tollefsen, Kristin Folsland Olsen.

The Longest Way

One year through China on foot.

"I’m happy to be on the road again. I want to get to the horizon and see what lies behind it and then go the next horizon and the next. Everything is new. I breathe, and no matter how the air tastes, it’s always new.”

On his 26th birthday film student Christoph Rehage gave himself a birthday present; after he finished his studies in Peking he was going to walk home…to Bad Nenndorf, Germany, 4646 kilometres away. On his longest way home Christoph experiences many of the world’s wonders; the Great Wall of China, the Terracotta Army, and the Silk Road. His journey is made all the more memorable by the people he meets along his way. The curiosity of the local people, school children and elderly, the unexpected encounters with monks, fortunetellers, the authorities and prostitutes! Through his travels he develops a great friendship with teacher Xie and his feelings for Szechwan local Juli grow, but will she be waiting for him if he finally reaches Germany?

Baffin Babes

Through the Arctic in 80 days.

Goosebumps at minus 40 degrees: four women fight the freeze in their icy trek across Baffin Island carrying over 400 kilos of luggage on their Canadian sledge pulled by their trusty huskies. Their mission, to cover 1200 kilometers in 80 days reaching Pond Inlet in the North of the island. They trained for one year before they left, and the training regime was get fit and get fat! It was a test of endurance, the friends battle snowstorms, icicles in their sleeping bag and encounters with polar bears. But they still had time for trekking in their bikinis, skinny dipping in seal holes, aerobics in the snow, the Arctic sun and the Northern Lights.

All the books are available in the E.O.F.T. Online Shop and of course all good book sellers!


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