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Every year, we take you on a two-hour journey. Through our films, stories, and heroes, our aim is to broaden your horizons. And here’s the good news: You don’t have to wait until next year for new adventures.

There are shortcuts and detours waiting FOR YOU to explore!

EOFT Talks: One more question

Two hours of EOFT may seem long, but sometimes it's not long enough! If you want to delve deeper into our films and the lives of our adventurers, take a look at our EOFT Talks.

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Get to know our adventurers

You've seen them on the big screen, but who are they really? Want to get to know the EOFT adventurers a little better? Check out our latest videos!

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The EOFT wouldn't exist without YOU – our audience. Thank you for being a part of our community! If you wish to be an even more active member of the EOFT audience, here's your chance to get involved!

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